Meet the team.

Our team has experience working at some of the biggest companies in remote energy data collection and management. We make solutions, including smart meters, to help fuel suppliers better serve their customers.

  • Amos Epstein

    CEO + team cheerleader

    Amos has brought several connected-data products to market in clean tech and telecom. Formerly at Kwicr, Banyan Water, and EnerNOC. Co-founder and CTO at SwayMarkets

    Amos likes to say he races cars, but we think it's an excuse for having one with a terrible paint job.

  • Nick Mashburn


    Nick loves efficiency and thinks less energy should be consumed in buildings and by vehicles on the road. He is a Professional Engineer and has spent a decade making software to leverage sensor data for energy efficiency.

    In his free time he brews beer, rides bikes, and loves drinking coffee in the mountains.

  • David Gagnon


    Dave brings a long history as an entrepreneur in a number of fields. His most notable success was as a founder and Executive Vice President of Degree Controls, producing smart cooling products for the telecom industry. He is very excited by building a company from the ground up with a strong group of fleet-footed individuals.

    Outside of the office Dave can be found spending time with family and generally enjoying life.

  • Kyle O’Connor

    Full Stack Developer

    Kyle spent six years honing his skills at EnerNOC, on both the Database and R&D teams. He helped launch countless products, with a focus on energy efficiency and streaming analytics.

    Kyle spends his free time working on various electronics projects. The current one is an Arduino powered safe cracker.

  • Gwen Heimburg

    UX Design

    Gwen loves finding the sweet spot between beauty and usability when it comes to interface design. She got her start in the industry as a front-end developer, and expanded her skill set from there to include user experience, interaction and visual design.

    Fun fact: Gwen won a giant stuffed bear at a company animal-call competition.

About Us

Our mission is to bring data-driven efficiency and modern conveniences to delivered fuel with world-class software. Our smart meters and cloud-based software enable fuel delivery companies to dramatically improve their business operations, reduce waste, and engage with their customers.


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